Probably the first recorded history of a Samolis ….

Georgios Samolis from the village Aimonas, was the brother of Antonis Samolis (Samoloantonis) and Nikos Samolis (Samolokokolis).

Georgios was often called “sweet talker”, probably because he would speak politely, kindly and with wisdom. He left from the village at a very young age and lived in Iraklion. He lived a prosperous life and was the owner of two shops. It is said that he was so rich that he provided financial assistance to Eleftherios Venizelos, the President of Greece during this period.

With his contribution he enabled the military to be armed and ready for the infamous Revolution of Therisso (Hania, Crete) agaist the Ottomans. The evening before the national elections of 1920 he returned to Aimonas and asked the people of the village to vote for Venizelos. They promised to do this and Georgios organised a party to thank them.

Unfortunately, on the day of the elections the villagers forgot their promise and did not vote for Venizelos. Feeling disappointed, Georgios left from the village and never returned. Later on he even left from Iraklion and went to Smyrne. He disappeared and his whereabouts have been unknown after the invasion of the Turks.

From the book AIMONAS Tradtion – History – Monuments – Folklore, written by Emmanouil Kontogiannis 1986

Photo: Revolution of Therisso archive