Dimitrios Samolis  was born 10 May 1948 in the village Aimons, in the precinct of Mylopotamos in Rethymno. His father, Vasileios Samolis was a lyra player and was creating rhymes and from there he inherited the gift of wititing poems from a very young age.

He graduated Primary School in Aimonas. He worked as a farmer until 1965 and then went on the comercial ship S/S ANNUNCIATION DA S/S ANNUNCIATION DAY where he was working as a stoker, lubricator and sailor sailing around the world. From 1968 to 1970 he servedthe Navy the battle ship “A/ T Velos.” In 1970 he went on the ships for third time on commercial ships on S/S ANNUNCIATION DAY.

In 1971 he migrated to Duisburg in Germany. He worked in the industry “THYSSEN” on the section of excavation metal ores  as a driver of freight trains.

He returned to Greece is 1990 and permantly lives in Heraklion and worked recently as a taxi driver.

He has taken part on tv shows and radio shows on local tv and radio stations with his talent. He has taken part at poetic contests and has won prizes and prizes from the company Planner and the local radio stations Minos 94.1, FM Kritorama 97.9 FM and Mega Creta 103.1 FM

In the Cretan magazine KONTILIES (No 7 January – February 2007) a tribute was published for his book he has published with Cretan Rhymes and  poets. – Read the article (in Greek)


– Kritika Meraklia 2005) – Read excerpts (in Greek)

Source: www.aimonas.gr

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