Grigoris Samolis was born 19 November 1910 in the village Aimonas, in the precinct of Mylopotamos in Rethymno where he graduated Primary school.

At the age of 5 he started playing the lyra. His first teachers were Giorgos Skoutelis and Stratos Gounakis.

While styding at year one in the High School of Perama he took part at the Panhellenic Competition of Traditional Music in Athens and won the first prize.

His first performance was at a wedding at the reception place “Pelagos” in Rethymno. He also performed on several TV shows on local Cretan channels.

He has perfomred with many famous lute players like: Nektarios KontogiannisManolis KaklisNikos ManiasGiannis MarkogiannakisVangelis TsafantakisGiorgos KontogiannisKostas KarandinosGiannis PetsakisMichalis PetsakisSpyros Skouradakis and with many other newer.

His first discography was released in 2014 from the company “Tarraios”.

In 2017 he participated on the discography of  Vangelis Pytharoulis “I Paradosi sinexizteai (The tradition continuous)” with the song ‘Exo pliges“.

In 2018 he song  “Spilio” composed by Giorgos Stratakis . The lyrics belong to Katerina Aeraki.

In 2019 he played the lyra and song with Stelios Vasilaki the song “Bee (Μέλισσα)” . The music belongs to Stelio Vasilaki and lyrics belong to Charidimos Siganos and Giannis Vardas (Lyrogiannis).  Later again in the 2019 with a corporation with Kosta Alexakis’ discography Amalago (Αμάλαγο) in 5 new songs

In 2021 he participated in the discography from Dimitris Papadakis “Me roda kai me giasemia” and sings “Inta ‘xoune ta xeili sou” composed by Dimitris Papadakis and lyrics are by Chrysoula Papadaki.  The same year he also took he song on another  discography from Vangelis Pytharoulis “Filxenia”, and sings the song “Erota kalosorises”.

In 2022 he sings “Krouli” from “Pirixos Production“. Music belogs to Vasilis Heretis and lyrics are by Aristidis Heretis.  In the same year he sings “Sokakia” composed by Michalis Harkiolakis and lyrics by Michalis Loulakis and Giannis Xydianos.

Grigors Samolis has been overseas to Cyprus, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia in January 2023 at the 41st National Convention of Cretan Federation and New Zealand and in Sydney.


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