Dimitris SamolisDimitiris Samolis was born and raised up in Athens, Greece. His origin is from the village Anogia it the precinct of Rethymnon, Crete

He graduated the Dramatic School of the National Theatre in Athens.  In the last couple years he performs, directs and lately creates his own melody compositions.

His first theatrical role was in the age of 13 in the musizal “The Sound of Music” with Aliki Vouyiouklaki at the theater “Aliki. Throughout of all his school years was in the choir of Dimitri Tipaldou. While his schoolmates were playing soccer, swimming he was acting at the theater.

During his childhood he was listening to Sakis Rouvas, Despina Vandi, Ksilina Spathia, Trypes, Asimos. During his years at school to fall asleep he was listening he was listening to classical music. He was also listening Manos Hatzidakis, Kaiti GarmpiScorpions, Backstreet Boys, Dead Can Dance. With two schoolmates he created the band “Smelly Cats” which was the first attempt to create music and lyrics.

He started as an actor but becoming unemployed and having a lot of free time, he began to write music a few years ago. He began to write and his own songs in English lyrics and he often uses black humor. He has chosen the English language as he believes that it operates redemptive in the sense that he expresses in a language other than their mother language.

Dimitris believes that artists that affectede him  are: Rufus Wainwright, Mika, Robbie Williams, Tasos Livaditis, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lo, Leonard Cohen, Lady Gaga, Manos Hadjidakis, Dead Man’s Bones, Marianina Kriezi etc.

In February 2015 he acted in the theatrical play “The Vourkolakas” with Nena Menti and “Beloved Elena” and he is also perfors on stage in different night clubs in Athens.

His first cd was titled POPETRY from MINOS EMI (2015) which is a complex of three words Pop-Poetry-Try.

In mid 2016 his first song with greek lyrics was released with the title “Atari”. As he mentions himself in an article at athensvoice.gr:

“Atari was my first game I remember playing with lots of fun. It was my first contact with technology and I was excited.  Now, many years later and technological advancements  it became my first greek song.  What remains constant is my desire for games and music.”

See the videoclip here.

In October  2016 he is acting on stage at thatre “Apothiki” on the new play of Mihal Repa & Thanasi PapathanasiouSecond voice” withmain actresses Nena Menti and Danai Skiadi . His roleplay is George, an agent.

Since then, in year 2017, Dimitris has released his full cd with Greek lyrics with title “Ena Simba sta Metra soy” (A universe made to measure). He is performing on many clubs promoting his new songs with huge success.

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